About us

Turmanidze produces traditional herbal medicinal ointments well known and utilized in Georgia for their effectiveness in treating wounds, burns and various other skin complications.

The name of Turmanidze, a family name of physicians and healers, is mentioned in ancient historical documents of Georgia. The ointments prepared by the line of the Turmanidze family have been used for centuries. Turmanidze Oitments and creams have been specially formulated using traditional herbal ingredients and knowledge passed down from generation to generation in the Turmanidze family.

According to legend, when Italian doctors lost all hopes of saving the leg of their wounded national hero, Giusseppe Garibaldi, they appealed to the Turmanidzes who cured Garibaldi with their ointments and skills.

The company Turmanidze was established in 1998 by Ketevan Turmanidze who conserved her family tradition, preserving the centuries-old recipes for present-day use. Turmanidze ointments combine well-documented, time-tested herbal remedies from Georgia with modern formulations. These unique ingredients are harvested in the Caucasian mountains and are remarkably different from ordinary skin creams.

Clinical trials conducted on our products have shown that Turmanidze ointments and their herbal ingredients have anti-inflamattorry, antibacterial, and skin regenerative properties; accelerate the regenerative process of epithelial cells; and promote the restoration of the skin which is beneficial for wound healing. The products are free of side effects and are completely safe for use by both children and adults.