On New Year's Eve, as a result of working in the kitchen, I received a  burn of the 3rd degree on my hand. I was treated at the Tbilisi Burn Center, but it didn't bring me any relief. One can agree that it is impossible for a person of my profession to work without the use of hands. Then I was taken to Ketevan Turmanidze, part of the long line of Turmanidzes well known in Georgia for their medicinal and healing practices. She treated me with her ointment for burns and improved relief from the pain. The recovery process was fast.  I often use Turmanidze ointment in my surgery practice.
Davit Abuladze
I always heard stories about Turmanidze's miraculous ointment in my childhood--in fact, my grandmother always had one at home. I had to undergo a minor surgery on my ankle just before the start of 2007 Rugby World Cup in France. The postsurgical wound was slow to heal and I had very little time left. Although I was recommended a number of treatments, I followed the advice of my wife, Sopho, to use the Turmanidze Ointment with antiseptic properties. The results were amazing -- the recovery was quick and in a week's time, I was able to resume my practices for the World Cup.
Ilia Zedginidze
Rugby player
My son was the victim of a terrible car accident several years ago. He was lying in the intensive care unit for one and a half months and had a twelve-centimeter necrotic bedsore on his back. The surgeons were removing dead tissue very carefully and slowly, but there was no positive result. Finally, we started to use the Turmanidze ointment for bedsores. Healing took place without sutures, and bedsore wound completely healed. I use Turmanidze ointments in my medical practice as well. Very often nursing mothers have painful cracks around the nipple. In such cases, the use of Turmanidze antiseptic ointment.
Djana Sakvarelidze, MD Pediatrician
Djana Sakvarelidze, MD Pediatrician
I was about to leave for the Jazz Festival in Spain when a wound on my index finger began to fester badly; I had insufferable pains. There was a little time left but I had already signed the contract and not going meant that our band would have to cancel the performance (you can only imagine how important fingers are for a pianist). At that time Ketevan Turmanidze was alive. Without a moment's hesitation, I went to her and in no time, my wound was completely healed. I can hardly count the number of times Turmanidze Ointment has helped me and my family. Most recently, my father got injured by electricity and h
Dato Evgenidze
I have used the Turmanidze ointment many times in my life. As a child, I damaged the Achilles tendon. The wound complicated and grew into an ulcer. My parents took me to numerous doctors and hospitals. Finally, they took me to Ketevan Turmanidze and her treatments healed the wound on my leg. More recently, once I had to grow my beard for the filming of a movie. To my misfortune, the roots of the beard hairs suppurated and complicated in a fever. Furuncle threatened to grow into a carbuncle. Again, I received an effective, quick relief from Turmanidze antiseptic ointment.